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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Valentine pure silk hearts for pure love

Genuine silk hearts spun by silkworms are very special gifts of pure love to all ages. 
 May your love be as pure as the silk in these hearts
The hearts are plain just as nature and the silkworms made them. Small pieces of dry leaves woven into the heart brings luck.
The hearts are different sizes from 8 cm wide to 10 cm wide and 12 cm long. They are ideal on cards, used as a very special bookmark or carried in your purse to bring luck.  
silkworms  as a hobby
The larvae of the Bombyx mori moth  known as silkworms or caterpillars.
Raising silkworms to spin pure silk hearts  is a hobby that can be enjoyed at any age.  Even if it is not a hobby but only a once-off educational task for the children's school, then it is still an experience not to miss. The science of  silkworms is sericulum and raising silkworm is sericulture done by a sericulturist. 
Keeping  Bombyx mori larvae healthy and growing will take a very small portion of your time - there will be enough time even for busy parents to enjoy this hobby with the kids.

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pure silk hearts

making pure silk hearts in gold and silver
pure silk gold and silver hearts spun by silkworms are very special gifts of love.
I remembering the days when raising silkworms were part of a child's life I decided to share the experience with the grand children. '

I obtained some eggs and the young worms were in time for my visit to my daughter and her family in Windhoek, Namibia. Under the impression that the grandchildren would be delighted I took some silkworms with me.

 The kids were not impressed which was maybe just as well as unfortunately they could not experience the worms growing up and spinning hearts as I overlooked the fact that it is very difficult to get mulberry leaves in Windhoek. In the USA food for the silkworms can be bought, but not in Namibia or South Africa.

If mulberry leaves are not available then beet or salad leaves can be used. The catch is the little worms must be started on the alternative food directly after they hatch out, they can not change over later. If the newly hatched silkworms are fed beet (beetroot) leaves they will spin a pink silk. If they are fed salad leaves they will spin a white silk. The diet on which the little silkworms started can not change at any time. I do not know of other leaves they could eat, but you can try.
More information on silkworms and making the hearts click here

No worms, pupa or moths have been harmed or killed to make the hearts.

For more detail in raising the worms see my web site
I ended up enjoying the worms and the memories. The gold and silver pure silk hearts that the silkworms spun for me will go as gifts to those I love.